Can family members also come into the session with the person who has need of the group?

Yes, everyone is welcome. Adults pay 50p, Children 25p & the Carer of the person in need has no charge.

Do I have to go into the pool with the person I am bringing to the group?

Yes if the person needs 1:1 help in the water. However if the person can manage unaided in the water you can watch on the poolside. There are lifeguards on duty in both pools as well a volunteer to offer advice & assistance as it is required for all the pool users(occasionally more than one). There is always a club member on rota duty to meet, greet & liaise with the pool staff & users as required.

Can I just come along on occasional Sundays rather than every week?

Yes come along when it suits you & you’ll always be welcome. No need to let us know, just turn up. Remember to check this website to see if we have a session when you want to swim.  Sometimes don’t have sessions on Sundays during Bank Holidays .

Can I just go in the training pool rather than the main pool?

Yes you can, but we only have the training pool for the first half-hour (6.00pm – 6.30pm). Many people like it because it is all one depth, shallower & slightly warmer than the main pool. It is popular with our younger members, those learning how to swim & for water play.

What aids do you have to help me get into the pool at a session?

We have a shower chair that can be pushed or self propelled from the changing rooms through the showers & onto poolside. There is a hoist which can be used in the main pool & the lifeguards are all trained in its use. There are also shallow steps with rails either side into the main pool.

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